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Last Updated: 10/7/2023

About Me

My name is Krishna, but I go by Krish for short. I'm currently 22 years old and have a degree in psychology that I completed back in 2022. At the moment I'm completing a DIY postbacc and working on my applications for medical school. At the moment my career aspirations are to become a primary care physician and improve health literacy in underserved populations.

I moved to the United States from Canada as a dependent of my dad's work visa when I was 8 years old. My family filed for our green cards when I was 14 years old, but due to a decades long backlog based off of the applicant's country of origin, we have yet to receive them. One study estimates that certain Indian nationals will have to wait somewhere between 39 and 89 years for a green card if visas continue to be made available at the current rate. When I turned 21, I had to switch to an international student visa to complete my degree and avoid becoming undocumented, and effectively lost my place in line with the rest of my family for permanent residency. When I apply to American medical schools, I will apply as a Canadian citizen and have a decreased chance of acceptance despite not having lived there for almost 2 decades. The term politicans use for someone like me is a "documented dreamer" if you care to learn more about it.

I live an incredibly particular life surrounded by strange circumstances that has become incredibly exhausting to explain to other people. It is so exhausting explaining to my peers why I can't apply for certain jobs, am ineligible for certain scholarships, or why I still live with my parents. Over the years I've learned to protect my heart and have become rather reserved. I've spent a lot of years doing my best to blend into a society that just was not built for someone like me. I hope that by sharing my thoughts I am able to work through some of my emotions better and feel a little less alone in this world, and maybe make someone else feel a little less alone.

I have a tendency to overthink and can be a perfectionist, but somehow at the same time I'm too inconsistent and lazy to truly be either of those things. These days I'm just working on unlearning some of the unhealthy thought patterns I developed growing up to survive. More than anything else, my only hopes for the future are to be happy and healthy.

About this Blog

I have quite a few creative outlets where I'm able to express myself and my thoughts: my physical diary, my art, my private twitter account, my personal site, and the Discord servers that I choose to be active in. I see this blog as yet another outlet for myself. I plan on writing this blog as if I were writing to update a friend about my life— expect a relatively casual tone over something professional. I chose to maintain this blog because I find that there's a particular kind of peace and stability which comes from just putting thoughts out into the world without expecting the immediacy of a conversation, but I can be reached at honeyedblush@gmail.com if need be.